stolen heart #triolet #poetry

inside out

Don’t worry I won’t tell

about the way you stole my heart

over romance I tripped and fell

don’t worry I wont tell

over sugary notes I tripped and fell

bloodied by your pointed darts

don’t worry I wont tell

about the day you ripped my heart


I love it when I stumble over a drafted poem. This one penned in 2014 for Valentine’s Day




7 thoughts on “stolen heart #triolet #poetry

  1. Lovely poem, Leslie. It all started out very happy but it ended quite sad. Sometimes that is just life and love isn’t always a smooth-sailing ship. We live and we learn. Hope you are doing well 🙂


  2. Great verse Moonie_!
    __In its inspired Cinquain echo, the -New Smile- is that step forward into a heartful recovery.

    Old smile
    sped into tears,
    as you stole my heart song
    and tossed it among your litter.
    New Smile.



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