Past the Horizon #poetry #photography


the master in search of one

who’s willful at the start

now cold and all alone

brings sadness to his heart

searching, mindful of the lost

never turning left nor right

against him darkness plots

to keep the one from sight

thorns bruise on journey’s way

still the master onward goes

willing with his life to pay

perfect love, he knows

sunk into the mire deep

the master’s pull is strong

the lamb can only bleat

as she is pulled from harm

the master in search of one

his mission always clear

death has no hold on love

the lost are each one dear



Today’s prompt at Poet’s United is Martyr. The definition is: “Someone who is killed for their religious beliefs.”

The shepherd in the Bible is used as an example of a person who will go far and wide for the love of the sheep. This same shepherd considers little the cost of this occupation. Somehow I feel that the martyr is like this shepherd – too busy in the search to worry about the sacrifice.

“O death where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” 1 Corinthians 15:55







16 thoughts on “Past the Horizon #poetry #photography

  1. __Heartful verse, so well posed Leslie. We must always care for the gentile souls without worrying about any plausible dangers.

    __I recall a Franz Werfel’s line in “The Forty Days of Musa Dagh”. In my mind’s reasoning, he referred to caring for a herd of sheep -refugees-, disregarding any possibility of danger from an unseen goat… a hidden, horned warrior -terrorist-, an insane ram.


  2. Death has no hold on love – such a strong line and thought..and true i hope..i love the flow..seemed to be a compliment to the image of the hills and sea..we must always try to keep flowing..


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