More than a Man #poetry

the saint

Neither angel nor a fiend

can man be more or less

in life what he seems

it appears in death

he can be considerably more

set on a pedestal

something the saint never aimed for


Mere mortals

suns rise and set, life renewed

images in stone

The image is the icon for a popular TV series (and movie) called “The Saint.”

This week the Poet’s United prompt is Saint or Saintliness.

Sorry if I am not online and commenting as much as I would like. Below the remodel that has been taking up most of my waking hours. Nearing completion still means chair rail, wainscot and crown molding in several rooms. My son is coming to help me with the outdoors.


24 thoughts on “More than a Man #poetry

  1. I think we are all ‘in between’ – just being us can be good and true – saintliness is perhaps a myth a comfort after death when the edit facility becomes more forgiving – the illustration and reminder of ‘The Saint’ made me smile too


  2. You put much Wisdom in your poem. Sainthood remains a mystery to those so named. As, unfortunately, does fame to the hard working artist, though it is not what we pursue in a lifetime of answering that of God within and around us. Congratulations on your house which is coming along nicely and will be a joy to live in.


  3. I am always struck by the fact that when someone dies they are oftentimes looked upon as a saint….even those with less than stellar lives. Perhaps this is as it should be?


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