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Bzzzzz #atozchallenge #haiku



diligent worker

bee shares fruits of his labor

don’t get too close


I’ve had some unusual experience as a cyclist. One was cycling thought a semi-truckload of bee hive boxes. I assure you not all the bees stay in the box. My wide-eyed friend and I rode fast to get clear.

What would you do if you were face to face with hundreds of bees?


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20 thoughts on “Bzzzzz #atozchallenge #haiku

  1. Beautiful haiku, Leslie. So true. Bees are hardworkers and are a lovely sight, but get too close and annoy them, they will turn on you in an instant. Such a cheery photo to go along with the poem πŸ™‚


  2. When I first moved here 44 years ago there was a beekeeper up at the corner. The bees were great for the flower garden but I’m highly allergic so I really had to stay inside when they were around.


  3. While bees are needed and are responsible for much of the food on your plate, yes, it makes sense to not get too close to them πŸ˜€


  4. __Here, there are so many Cranberry bogs, and the bees aid the farmers. These pollen spreaders are far more defensive than aggressive, and just think of the honey; to be stingless, we try to… not cause them to beecome Confrontational. -C- _m

    bee bogs
    beyond these bedded blooms


  5. I love your haiku, Leslie! Yes, let the bee focus on the task at hand. And, thank you for mentioning me! I am following you too and look forward to reading more! ☺️


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