Elephants #atozchallenge #haiku

elephants in the sunrise

some just see ivory

great strides to let them be free

content to walk in line


joining the herd

sun rises over our resolve

protect the young


It is sad to think that man is the elephant’s primary predator.  Because of a love for ivory trinkets and slow rates of reproduction, elephants are at risk for extinction.

Today at Poet’s United the prompt is citizenship.

What is our role as a citizen in these times?

visit  the wildlife conservation blog for more info.

“Elephant Silhouette” (Pen drawing  layered over photo)

copyright  Moondust Designs 2016

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29 thoughts on “Elephants #atozchallenge #haiku

  1. Beautiful poem, and what a strong message within those three lines. Elephants are majestic creatures but sadly some of us just look to them for our own personal gain. Love the image you shared, so well shot. The reflection certainly is symbolic of the two worlds elephants live.


  2. The combination of the image and words made me feel sad – how we have the capacity to destroy creatures that pre-date ‘civilisation’ itself…certainly makes you wonder quite what it means to be civilised…but always we must protect the young..


  3. I, too, find this poem stunning and motivating. I can squeeze it into an idea of citizenship, I think. “Walking in line” and “joining the herd” are double in meaning–which line will it be? to save the herd or make a fortune? Let the sun rise over the humane resolve. I wish the citizen link was clearer for our prompt, though.


  4. Sadly there is too much of humanity that sees the world as a holiday resort to have fun at the expense of the rest of its inhabitants instead of co-existing to maintain the beautiful world it once was. It is one thing to kill to survive quite another to kill for pleasure and profit and ignore the consequences. How important it is to continue to fly the banner weak though we are as poets.


  5. My thought on reading these wonderful verses was that elephants with their intricate family lives and complex relationships and their amazing fitting into the natural world are better “citizens” than most humans…


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