Gone #atozchallenge #haiku



listen for  her voice

spring blossoms leave too soon

dusty memory

I went to a blogger’s site this week and she was gone. There was a sadness I felt because I enjoyed her work. So often we cross paths with people and we never get the chance to say “goodbye.”

To each of you in the blog world: Your words touch me and others – for that I am grateful!!!

blossom winter

Here are some A to Z folks with words to enjoy this day:


11 thoughts on “Gone #atozchallenge #haiku

  1. It is interesting how we can feel another’s presence, without ever having met the person f2f. And the contrary is true, also. The absence of a connection leaves a hole. Yes, the hole will be filled with other presences, other diversions, but questions and concerns will linger for years.


  2. Aw, that is sad. But definitely gives me something to think about regarding the online community. Nice to meet you via the A-Z challenge!

    @HeatherJacksonW from
    WriteOnSisters – Masterplots from A to Z


  3. That has happened to me a couple of times. Once a poet’s site remained but she disappeared, and my last email from her had been frantic, so it really caused me concern. We do make strong connections online, every bit as meaningful – and sometimes even closer – than our real-time people. I hope she is okay. Sometimes people just shut down their blogs for a time, to take a rest. It is time-consuming. But I cant imagine my life without it.


  4. I know what you mean. We grow close to one another through through blogging, but I believe we grow especially close to each other during the A to Z challenge and I’ve grown very fond of many bloggers. There have been a few that I’ve started looking forward to reading and then poof their blogs disappear. It’s kind of jolt to your system after reading someone everyday for a while. You’re right, a sadness does come over you. You’re haiku expresses the feeling, perfectly.

    Thank you for sharing the blogs that you’ve connected with during the challenge. That’s a brilliant idea.

    Melissa Sugar


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