Inspire #atozchallenge #poetry

dark waters


leaving little trace she walks along moonlit shore

golden poi long for her gentle caress

trees lean listening for her breathless song

she  yearns for a memory’s glimpse

many seasons since that fire dance

does he remember the kindled flame?

“carry my words over mountains and valleys

harmonize your lips against my melody

don’t forsake me to silent reflection”

nature with fair maiden groans

she leaves little trace behind

as she wades into the moonlit lake, alone



I dont know about you but  when I  read the words penned by another poet I am often inspired and an image flow from my pen. This poem is inspired by the painted words of another. I am grateful for the wellspring of inspiration I have from the poetry communities I am part of.

7 thoughts on “Inspire #atozchallenge #poetry

  1. __I do, as you have written, often feed (or is it read) on a poet’s words and find it necessary to duck, as my own parallel words bombard me. That echo syndrome.
    __Moonie, you’ve written here a fine verse that can and will… :
    from stars of parallel minds
    facets stir



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