Puzzle Me #atozchallenge


jagged edges of this heart

unwilling to fit where they’re torn

you forced them once into place

fractured now and forlorn

I dare you, pick up a piece

recognizable pattern no more

place kindness next to an edge

 it may still welcome the warmth


The jig saw puzzle has a curious character. Like a person no two are the same. Each longs to be put together.

Do you like to put jig saw puzzles together???

7 thoughts on “Puzzle Me #atozchallenge

  1. Nifty, Moonie_!
    __ We always search for the missing pieces of life; in that whole of life’s puzzle, with kindness, we can fill the voids.

    journey’s hunt
    that missing piece unfound
    another hand


  2. Thank you for visiting and for the mention here. I think you are very brave to just pack up and set off for Africa. And well done for having two A-Z challenges going – I’m beginning to struggle with one! Good luck with everything.


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