Umbrella #atozchallenge #poetry


beauty comes in many colors

she was wrapped in wisteria and silk

sand grains wouldnt dare cake her feet

she passed by like a breeze

enveloped in a rainbow


A month of letters as prompts will finish at the end of the week. There are still many bloggers to enjoy in this challenge:

23 thoughts on “Umbrella #atozchallenge #poetry

  1. Lovely poem again, Leslie. This one sounds very breezy, giving me the impression of a leaf floating through the air. You describe a woman beautifully – strong on the outside and inside so subtly. Wonderfully done and great shot 🙂


  2. __So well said Moonie. In this colors splay… “she passed like a breeze” / “enveloped in a rainbow” _!

    Up and Under
    this Umbrella softens the sun
    tints sash



  3. Leslie, I have always admired how poets can say in less than 50 words what I need 65K to say! Lovely, lovely work.

    And thanks for the shout-out to my blog. Much appreciated. I think I’ll adopt that next year for my series, too! Thanks for the idea!

    Sharon Arthur Moore @good2tweat
    Parsley, Sage, and Rosemary Time


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