Bystander #poetry #photography

The human heart has hidden treasures, In secret kept, in silence sealed; The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures, Whose charms were broken if revealed.

~Charlotte Bronte


sand heart in ocean

 lose myself as I walk the tides

 a portrait drawn in my mind

shoes set side by side with a heart

“will he inscribe a sentiment?”

neither share the other’s thoughts

 silence the roar has wrought

I brought nothing but myself

the man looks past ocean deep

clenching something in his hand

his sandals stand silent guard

deep the call of shifting sand

resolute, turns and walks away

“what have you forgotten this day?”

ocean plays another heart

misty cay and a pair of shoes


I couldn’t draw him

sea and I watched silently

photo of what’s left





Today’s prompt at Poet’s United Midweek Motif is poets united. Where do you hide your secrets?


21 thoughts on “Bystander #poetry #photography

  1. ok guys so back story to this “sad” little tale. As I was finishing my walk on the beach (and taking lots of pictures), I happened on this young man (20s). He had drawn the lopsided heart probably with one of his sandals and was looking out to sea. He took pictures of the heart and a selfie with the heart. I think the sadness was that the person he drew the heart for wasnt there to share the moment. I (like the moon) was a bystander of a sweet moment that I could but capture in prose (a photo would have invaded his secret.) He vanished from view and I stole a shot of the sandy heart before the sea captured it.


  2. Nice. I felt such good mystery in this before reading your explanation of your experience. Then, the poem became even more meaningful. Lovely write.


  3. The secret heart drawn on the sand with the missing message within it remaining unwritten. A missed rendezvous, he waiting, she never appearing. So bitter-sweet and so very well penned!


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