Life’s A Beach… #poetry #summer

 plans for picnic takes a child’s mind

whole wheat  slathered with mayo

fresh turkey, lettuce, tomato

a pickle happily on the side


golden potato salad, olives and egg

savory tastes never sweet

in my favorite penguin bowl

no one’s looking, sneak a taste


where did my picnic manners go?

I look for right utensils and plates

blue and white check for occasions

tied up in a red ribbon bow


grab the basket, can’t be late

2 many memories,  meld just 1

run down 50 stairs

I’m hurrying please wait


singing songs in the back seat

new Mustang with the top down

wind whips our hair in a tangle

anticipating a day at the beach


Orange disk Frisbees fly

sand castles lose the seige

caught in the  sea’s undertow

too sunny a day to cry


Hungry, I crunch mayo and sand

those pebbles (like ants ) unwelcome guest

nothing can ruin this day

replay it in my eight track again


On a warm day where the air conditioning is our natural sea/bay weather, most of civilization seems to jump in the car for the beach. As a child (and adult) nothing can ruin the day.

Poet’s United is packing their baskets for fine poetry about – Picnics.

What kind of picnic memories do you have?








40 thoughts on “Life’s A Beach… #poetry #summer

  1. Hi Moondust … I love picnics and being by the sea – I well remember picnics with friends and families – and we still do now … just getting away … happy times – cheers Hilary


  2. Wonderful, right down to the sand sandwich and singing in the car and losing sand castles. I like bringing the two ages together in all their similarities and differences. Fun.


  3. This takes me back to when the biggest event after Christmas was the last day of school and the visions of all those fun summer picnics and endless days of freedom. Where’d those sweet days go?


  4. What a lovely skip down the stairs to the picnic – it’s far more than food – i love the ‘blue and white check for occasions’ and all the colours, scents and tastes you serve up for us


  5. A vegetarian myself, I can help but wonder if slathering mayo on whole wheat bread undoes the latter’s health benefits. 😉


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