Time of Year #holidays #photography #haiku

colorful doormen

favorite cookies baking

red green accents

Whether it’s spices, poinsettia with garland, or 12 ft tall nutcrackers we all things that signify the holidays for us. What are yours???

The WordPress Photochallenge  prompt is:”Time of Year” or ” it’s not this time of year without…”

4 thoughts on “Time of Year #holidays #photography #haiku

  1. I like your photographs about the holiday season, the colors tell us Christmas is near, time for shopping, food, meeting friends and family, it’s a joyous occasion. 🙂
    Merry Christmas, Leslie, I do hope you will have an awesome time during this season. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Hello Leslie! Love your haiku. What a wonderful expressive form haiku and tanka, neh? For me, it’s wood smoke, red tailed hawks, Coopers Hawks and the left over song birds. It’s the cardinals to come…seems right after Christmas, and Christmas lights in the rain. We are having…finally, rain after a 43 day drought. Blessed Be the Rain, though it’s cold and many suffer…including the strays without shelter. The holly, nandina berries and the leaves of magnolias that we fashion into wreaths. It’s the gentler nature of people, who are strangers and send out a greeting and a smile. A wonderful time of Nature and Beauty, a Holy time of Spirit and Solstice.


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