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2017 A to Z Challenge – A Piece of Uganda

The April  2017 A to Z Challenge begins in a few days on April 1st. All bloggers are welcome to share words, photography, you.

We just returned from Uganda so I am inspired to share about this place and these people who were so welcoming and loving (so much so that we are hoping to return soon!)

Our journey took us to the northern part of Uganda the main city being Gulu. This part of Uganda has suffered greatly under the hand of The Lord’s Resistance Army.

The Acholi one of the displaced tribes are slowly moving back to ancestral land but many of the young people are staying in the cities. One man, James, told some memories as a young child of losing his home and having to hide. He is one of the stalwart who has returned to the land he loves. He is dreaming of planting a church and building a school for the people who have returned.

Under 2 sprawling trees, hope has been rekindled for a piece of Northern Uganda.


7 thoughts on “2017 A to Z Challenge – A Piece of Uganda

  1. Hi Moondust – what a great idea … and I’m definitely looking forward to reading your take on life in Uganda … cheers Hilary


  2. Any news that is optimistic is a great news. I’m pleased you visited that part of Uganda which is returning to a more bright day. I would love to read about it when you post your thoughts. Thank you Leslie 🙂


  3. __ An unseen address error has caused my comments at your blog, Moonie, to end up in “Never Never land.” With this new discovery… back again soon! _m


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