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Acholi #Uganda #atozchallenge #poetry

Kind-hearted people

displaced by war

twenty five years of waiting

 return to ancestral land

centuries of farming

the earth welcomes

dance steps echo

stars harmonize

our adopted family

Acholi – filled with Grace

Today is the beginning of the A to Z Challenge. It is no challenge to share the beauty of Uganda in particular the Acholi people (Northern Uganda). I dedicate this month of  poetry to my dear “family” in Gulu!

Everyone is welcome to join the month long A to Z blogging challenge. It’s a great way to meet fellow bloggers.

Thank you A to Z team for hosting another year!!!

12 thoughts on “Acholi #Uganda #atozchallenge #poetry

  1. It’s wonderful Moonie ‘to share the beauty of Uganda’ in your first posting. One can never understand the unfairness perpetrated by greed to result in a displacement of large groups of the population.



  2. Too many displaced by war, and some never get to return. Powerful and topical theme for your A-Z.
    Thanks for visiting!
    Best wishes for the challenge,
    Theme : Arabiana


  3. That is an amazing way to tell the story of a war-torn land. The picture and the poem did justice to the store. Beautiful! lines “return to ancestral land” & “the earth welcomes” made my heart filled with hope!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Best Wishes!


  4. Hi Leslie – our film society is showing Queen of Katwe film about a youngster from Katwe who became a chess champion – true story! I know she’s not from Acholi .. but she is from Uganda … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_of_Katwe This doesn’t seem to give her – her due .. but the film is on 26th April here in Eastbourne … I’ll tell you more then – cheers .. please take this comment off if you want to … Hilary


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