Circle #Uganda #atozchallenge #acholi

History is made this day

the elders of the family join

we are entreated to take seats

humbly wives sit on mats

Honor is given this day

decision of ancestral lands

 children to thrive and play

hold hope in our hands

Strong, grace in a man’s eyes

he bows his head

hearts are honest, open

promise for a new day

Tears reach my eyes

a lesson for our world’s leaders

a home for lonely children

thanks were given this day


I had the honor of being part of an Ancholi tribal meeting. In the end the decision was to sell some ancestral land. In so doing they will help their people but give so much more in providing land to build a home to those who have nothing left.

Have you ever sat on a mat for an intense property negotiation?

Today we celebrate C at A to Z challenge.



6 thoughts on “Circle #Uganda #atozchallenge #acholi

  1. Leslie, the simpleness of a people so far away who don’t realize how poor they are but yet they seem happy all the same for what they have. I wish civilized nations and people would better appreciate the blessings they’ve been given a thousand times over. Maybe they just need a constant reminder, instead of focusing on themselves all the time. Nice poem and presentation of today’s post. Perhaps, whenever you get a chance, check out some critters I drew for the letter “C” in my A2Z series, Art Sketching Through the Alphabet! Happy a2zing, my friend!


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