A Single Orphan #atozchallenge #Africa #Uganda

There had been too many to count

blue eyes, brown skin

little hands big feet

from Ukraine to Uganda

silent cry the same

“Ma Ma”

Some left in a field

others on a bin

most left with nothing

and overly thin

a few were adopted

many stung by the cold

they started out young

too soon they were old

“no solution” they say

the world is too small

children too many

no parents at all

but what about  hearts

of you and of me

provide for these futures

giving more free

a day down the road

there will only be one

one single orphan

and him not alone

Though there is no simple solution to helping the growing population of children without parents I do know there are two responses. One is a willingness to have a little less that others can have something and the other is to open one’s heart to the misery and the heartache of this world and make a small difference. Easy? No! Possible? Yes!!!

The children we are working with are each a treasure. There are those who have fast legs, others have beautiful voices and others could draw exceptionally if someone would give them a pencil, drawing pad and some encouragement. Most important are hands filled with love and laps with plenty of room for children.

There is a large  group of orphans (refugees) that we are hoping to (help) build a center for in Northern Gulu. The opportunities range from supplying  funds for bedding, shoes and clothing to coming and giving a week or two of your time in numerous areas. Interested??

my email is vesseyglobal@gmail.com


11 thoughts on “A Single Orphan #atozchallenge #Africa #Uganda

  1. A kind smile, a gentle touch , an empathetic heart can go a long way in mending broken hearts and hurt souls. But you know what, unlike adults, children no matter in what dire circumstances they are in don’t forget to smile. Good luck for all your endeavors.


  2. I wonder sometimes…where is the moral outrage about how children in the world are being treated?….it good to know there are those attempting to address some of these children’s needs.


  3. You have a lovely way with words, and there’s hope with the final message of this poem. Still, I find it so sad there are so many without a home.


  4. They started out young – too soon they were old. Bless you for your loving heart and your boots-on-the-ground assistance, Leslie. Yes, improving children’s lives is possible. In fact, it is a sacred duty. Way to be, kiddo.


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