The Case of the Absent Q #atozchallenge #Uganda #acholi

A beautiful language

almost like a song

letters and accents

sounds short, some long


this old tribal tongue

I looked hard didn’t see

the Q is missing

oh woe, woe is me


quite lost without questions

as are kings without Queens

kids never Quiet or Quick

a Quandary I can’t see


I’ll manage without Quakes

but Quiche a sad day

cold nights without Quilt

no Quails fly away


scribe’s Quill never broken

duck’s Quack you won’t hear

author never to be Quoted

Quinine Quashed dear , oh dear


and so I end

my absent Q song

grab a letter

sing along

In the spirit of a favorite writer Doctor Seuss, I ponder the case (with little or no quantum leap) of the lost or absent “Q”

Acholi Alphabet (thanks to Acholi-Luo folk Culture blog site)


Thanks to the A to Z folks for letting me have some fun today with the letter Q


12 thoughts on “The Case of the Absent Q #atozchallenge #Uganda #acholi

  1. Hi Leslie – sometimes it’s the only way to get through the alphabet … loved this. Languages are fascinating – I just hope their language doesn’t disappear – but at least its recorded via the Acholi-Luo Culture Folk site … wonderful and thanks for letting us know – cheers Hilary

    PS – Leslie I’m not sure if you know Nila – but I think you’ll enjoy her posts on Arabiana … this one is on language:


  2. MoonDustWriter, I have no Quarrel with your Quilled poem penned which well Qualifies for today’s letter prompt. In fact, your poem is of high Quality worthy of praise. Thanks for sharing! 😉

    Today’s Art Sketching Through the Alphabet illustration is of the Evil QUEEN from a classic children’s fairy tale.

    ~Curious as a Cathy


  3. I really appreciate your poetry and a great response to overcoming a the usual letter problems we face with the A-Z challenge. I had trouble with O. I’m travelling alphabetically around Tasmania and your husband has been following me and put me onto your blog. I am looking forward to reading more.
    xx Rowena


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