Water #AtoZchallenge #Uganda #orphans


Life bringing

children drink

cool refreshment

fills our cup

life changing

times of drought

thank God

each wet drop

life saving

one faithful pump

children fire brigade

fire stopped

While we were there – From this one pump more than 80 children were refreshed, a school fire was quenched, and there were still more drops.

 So much demand had been placed on this single pump. On our last day they had to do a major overhaul or lose the water giving pump.

Here’s a poem about the fire the staff and children bravely fought.

6 thoughts on “Water #AtoZchallenge #Uganda #orphans

  1. Hi Leslie – wonderful poem … water so important to life. These are lovely stories and tales via your poetry of African ways …

    I saw Queen of Katwe – an amazing film … I’ll probably include it in We are the World Blogfest – which is meant to go up today … but I need to make a plan – but just may be missed due to the A-Z … though my X post today covers some of what I’d say …

    I’m loving these Ugandan ways of life of the Acholi peoples … wonderful .. cheers Hilary



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