One Cannon #haiku #memorialday

rough log house

surviving century’s seasons

feather beds


beneath cool shade

verdant battlefield covers scars

blood stains


whistling through reeds

sun warms each blade of grass

soldiers memories

…And they fell. No matter the mother’s sorrow or the lover’s tears they could not be revived. Such is the fate of the fallen warrior. I chose to be grateful for the sacrifice and  the bravery.

3 thoughts on “One Cannon #haiku #memorialday

  1. Hi Leslie – it is the day of Memorial … we can all remember others. To think back over days of ravaging war … across the centuries, even until today – just terrible. Thank you for this … Hilary


  2. ___ This instant’s contrary Cinquain, it seems as much as we hope, we cannot avoid wars. Its time for the “War News,” of “War against War.” _m

    in past ashes,
    we pray for a future
    where all children feel hateless life;
    War News


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