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Draw Me #poetry #art


it just takes one line

followed by another

color  then some more added

and a smile or two

give me a long neck

or a furry mane

four long legs or short

will have to do

teach me to draw

show me to paint

clay in my fingers

don’t want to wait

look at the sky

God’s daily design

 something fluffy and blue

that catches our eye



When you think of art you might say “I can’t draw?” Why?

It’s more a block in between your mind and your hands then you realize.

Children create more easily because they haven’t acquired the “hang up” of success. They just “do.” You are never too old to learn how to draw, paint, sculpt and there is no grade at the end either. So try a creation done by you. You may find that you enjoyed it and want to try another.

All the years I “did” art I was afraid to try portraits. While my artist mother can still teach me I am trying to learn a little about portraiture and practice!

I hope you’ll try something you’ve never tried before.

4 thoughts on “Draw Me #poetry #art

  1. Grand thought as always Moonie!
    ___ Casting off to sail a new fire, the match… is your will.

    strike a match
    within this roil-twist wind
    guarded flame



  2. Hi Leslie – lovely poem and interestingly enough something that cropped up the other … one good piece of art through my life … the complete block otherwise … it’s in the family … but not at our level … I might be able to draw words into word art .. no more I suspect … but who knows … love the artwork you’ve shown us here – cheers Hilary


  3. Me too! I’m trying to learn a little about portraiture and practice, it’s good to face our fears about art and our ability to do it and DO IT ANYWAY!!…sometimes I blog about it too! 🙂


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