Every Time I Cry #poetry #Uganda


I dot my eyes

 tears continue to fall

 smiles and sounds start to dim

their imprint lays on my heart

the beat of love calls within

 tho it hurts to say “goodbye”

 tomorrow’s hope is in my hand

I wiggle its fingers

I dot my eyes

  warmed by the setting  Ugandan sun



12 thoughts on “Every Time I Cry #poetry #Uganda

  1. Hi Leslie – lots to love, to remember … yet to leave – yesterday has gone … tomorrow is always there – but today: enjoy .. cheers HIlary


  2. Oh this is so beautifully written!! ❤ We're going to Uganda in November, anything we need to be aware of? And best places to go see? Anything to bear in mind in terms of safety?
    Cheers from London,

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    1. There is so much to see and enjoy in uganda. You will definitely have lots of fun with the several safaris we have, and so much more. safety is not guaranteed, but if you get a safe place to stay, you will be just fine. Enjoy your stay😊

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