A Gift to U #uganda #christmas


The gift I send is love

you cant pack it in a box

or wrap it up and send it on a plane with a friend

1000 beads cant take its place

red, green and silver ribbon can’t outshine its beauty

it can’t be sealed in ziploc bags with a kiss

village children won’t make it in class

it can’t be hung on a tree

this kind of love was born in a manager

gave up all priviledge

scratchy hay against a baby’s skin

no kingly courts celebrated His arrival

He was despised, rejected

few heard the songs sung for Him

centuries cant outdistance the meaning

sacrifice became love

love became a free gift

it is what I send to my friends in Uganda this Christmas

and to you!


In October I started putting together a package of christmas gifts and crafts for 100 children. Love was placed in ziploc bags. A package went in luggage with a friend who went to Uganda in November. There was plenty of time for the children to receive their Christmas goodies. “The airlines regrets to tell you that your luggage was lost in transit.” I hope somewhere children are able to enjoy the crafts and gifts that were inside that lost luggage.  The best gift is the love I can send to my Pawell, Lacor and Gulu family – each of you is precious and loved beyond measure by the King.




6 thoughts on “A Gift to U #uganda #christmas

  1. __ The promises of technology, politics, government, commercialism are more, are misleading, and they prove that fact… by failing with each moment; love
    grows at each moment, each tick of life’s clock, and feeling those ticks brings the tocks.

    clock tick
    her hand on my shoulder
    the tock

    __ Moonie, Best Christmas, Holiday, and love filled New Year wishes to you, and yours… and to everyone. _m


  2. Hi Leslie – oh dear how sad that the luggage was lost … as you say you hope someone somewhere appreciated the presents and thoughts … my uncle used to say ‘love is all’ … and it is … we need love and we need to believe – take care and enjoy the seasonal time – and I hope the Ugandans do too: they’ll remember you that’s for sure – cheers Hilary


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