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Fun #children #atozchallenge


a ruler mark was a better way

children should not have fun

or play

serious the subject

in every day

we must light- hearted

laugh today

follow the leader

the silly way

you don’t want to know

that I taught a game


I have the upmost respect for teachers with all sorts of degrees. The job is an important one. A retired elementary teacher, I  respect and adore, states emphatically that her most important subject was love and kindness; something she taught by example to her appreciative students. I’ll add fun to that list.  We have fun in our classes – lot’s of it!!!

Sending love to my friends in Pawell and Lacor. You are the best teachers in the world and have taught me to have the best kind of fun.

~ Love Mrs. Fish




20 thoughts on “Fun #children #atozchallenge

  1. Hi Leslie – they learn through having fun – so that’s great to see and to read … so pleased for them – cheers Hilary


  2. I enjoy your poem very much and teachers are marvels to me, especially those from my school years. I don’t have an opinion on those who teach today because I have not had any dealings with them but I suspect there are some good ones still in this community. I loved my first-grade teacher, Mrs. Holly and it broke my heart when she went away to have her baby. Another woman stepped in during her absence and was a horrid, crouchy woman who did not have the same loving disposition of Mrs. H. Years later, I had Mrs. Holly again as my 7th grade Science teacher. It was a delight to have her again and she was every bit as kind as I remembered. I don’t think she’s with us anymore. I think someone passed the mews to me that she died years ago from cancer which made me sad but knowing her heart, I think she was a Christian and lives with Jesus now. Thanks for sharing and for visiting yesterday

    Curious as a Cathy
    A2Z Creating iPad Art Sketches ‘Fairy’


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