a to z challenge

“N” is for new #atozchallenge #children

children played

mothers watched

siblings pumped water

all was well with the world

it’s a new setting

no more fists flying

soccer balls in the air

new relationships

on the horizon


This land is filled with anger and frustration. What a great day when children of all ages play instead of fight. My eyes watered when a big boy reached his hand to help a younger boy who had tripped kicking the ball.

8 thoughts on ““N” is for new #atozchallenge #children

  1. Hi Leslie – oh how often we cry when seeing tiny tots of all races happily playing together … lovely poem – cheers Hilary


  2. It’s it what we hope for all children, to run free with no worries or strife. To just enjoy being a child in the sun. What a lovely happy scene.


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