Traffic #children #atozchallenge #Uganda



From the Iron Donkey I watch

a normal afternoon in Gulu

two boys

four eyes


people, animals, motorcycles

*iron donkeys, cars and trucks




The Iron Donkey is a guest house where we stay in Gulu. The iron donkey is also what Westerners consider a bicycle.




3 thoughts on “Traffic #children #atozchallenge #Uganda

  1. Hi Leslie – Iron donkey is a good name … for the iron bits – not so sure about the guest house – but obviously satisfies your needs … cheers Hilary


  2. I guess it shows that they relate new things to the old. When travel has always been by donkey then new mode are related but different. Oh the changes these children have probably seen that we take for granted. And we can only hope for more positive experiences for them in the future.


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