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Joy in Tears #Uganda #butterfly #children #goodbye

I waved goodbye to my little Bethany who has been my friend over many years and many countries. We tell stories about Jesus together. Today she chose to leave with a friend. Her name is Stella and she is nine years old. Stella and Bethany my la fofo will love village children together.

It’s hard not to shed a tear when my friend and I have shared so much. I am proud of Bethany that she willingly flew into Stella’s satchel for the trip to the village.

Goodbye Bethany. I love you!!!!

And to our dear Acoli family we say goodbye for now. Goodbyes hurt but we are joyful to love you!!!

3 thoughts on “Joy in Tears #Uganda #butterfly #children #goodbye

  1. Hi Truedessa – Stella and Bethany will enjoy their lives together, following on your examples and ways of teaching … all will be well for the Acoli family – and you’ll each have love in your hearts … good luck and goodbyes to each and everyone – cheers Hilary


  2. In my experience, I felt immensely hurt when the person or persons who gave me so much love and affection were moving away, it really was difficult to bid them Good Bye. I do imagine how you feel. At least you had a good time while she was with you.
    Thank you for sharing this post, Leslie. 🙂


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