Alzheimers · Photography · Poetry

Ripple Effect #poetry #alzheimers

writing in the margins

so much more to say

images collide

cold and cloudy day

filling up the pages

lost amidst the line

start where ended

fretful is my mind

notes are merging

losing the details

misty is the matter

flattened now my scales


Alzheimer’s is a debilitating disease for the elderly. People working in the filed have found that music helps retain some connections to life’s memories.



6 thoughts on “Ripple Effect #poetry #alzheimers

  1. Hi Moondust Writer … wonderful poem … and so true – music helps them … music can open doors we wouldn’t expect … lovely – cheers Hilary


  2. Music can ‘speak’ to the child in the womb, so why not to the adult whose mind has become enmeshed in the net of dementia ?

    Music is the universal language and the only truly international ‘breaker-down-of-barriers.

    Everyone responds to music; a truly God-given gift, whatever your religion.


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