Intelligence an “I” that looks into the Wisdom of the Ages

I was talking to a fellow poet about trees this week. We were musing about the intelligence stored up in the trees. What mistakes would we bypass if we could access the ancient wisdom of the trees?

Have you ever contemplated what if would be like to have been under the teaching of Plato, or studied art with Monet, or ridden in a tank with MacArthur? Can you imagine the wisdom that those who have gone before us could impart to man today?


Think about the Redwoods or the Sequoias. They are some of the oldest trees in existence – they have been through many wars, survived plagues, droughts, and general mayhem. These trees managed to keep it together during the Civil War. They held their peace when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. They felt the earth quake in their roots when bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Peace Summit

Think about holding a peace summit with the oldest trees in the world. I’m sure they could shed some literal and figurative light on the direction our world is going. They have seen and heard what has come from the ramblings and the idiocies of men.


What would the trees say to us? Listen really carefully and maybe just maybe you can catch a piece of a conversation between two senior citizens:

“Remember that young fella. He was almost as tall as the young saplings. He was interested in trees and mankind – honest too.”

“I remember when Teddy Roosevelt made a tribute to some of our relatives. That human knew a thing or two about trees.”

“You must understand, young Hobbit, it takes a long time to say anything in Old Entish. And we never say anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say.” – Treebeard

If only we would listen, maybe our world could stop the speeding train heading toward disaster. Trees don’t care about economics, but I’m sure they would love to see the human heart exposed. How would it fair if it were exposed?

The trees would expound on the merits of wisdom. Wisdom would be revealed in compassion for one’s fellow man rather than the popular getting ahead schemes of the populace.

Straight from the Tree’s Mouth

If we could only get a quote from a tree – hmmm

One felt as if there was an enormous well behind them, filled up with ages of memory and long, slow, steady thinking; but their surface were sparkling with the present; like sun shimmering on the outer leaves of a vast tree, or on the ripples of a very deep lake.’ The Lord of the Rings- The Two Towers

If you have been reading my “I” series this is a different kind of  “I”. Hope it causes you to ponder. As I stood beneath an old tree today, I tried to soak in just a little something – Intelligence??? Who knows…

The Glass

Many of you should be able to relate to this poem as you go by the window at the pet store.

Some of us have soft hearts and would love to adopt every animal in the glass.

The Glass

Its between

you and me

please set me free

I like

your face

want to be in your place

I don’t

want to be on display

rather come out to play


take me home

where I can roam

The Oak

whatever 049

The Oak

stands firm
in heavy storms
it never bends
it may seem worn


may show signs
of many a trial
the oak’s kind heart
remains unbarred

The Oak

is steady
when children are small
it spreads its branches
there is room for all

The Oak

stands stalwart
as time goes by
arms wide open

when someone cries

The Oak is

faithful to its own
the source of love

long lasting like home

Blue Moon / The Seer(poems)

Blue Moon ( by Moondustwriter)

Last night she was bright

nothing blue

when I look at you

silvery light

makes me dance

makes me sing

My attire was right

moon dust covered the night

soaking in the pure

cold delight of you

the moon she must shine

don’t you know she is mine

we are joined

by the dance

til the end of romance

The Seer (by Dave Holloway)

It’s in love’s nature
to reveal what’s true,
to un-clutter the path
between me and you.

Yet that’s too close,
the seer will say.
Too many lies
structure the day.
Betrayals arrive
to keep truth at bay.
To protect the illusions
cluttering the way.

See how that works?
asked the aging seer.
The greater the truth,
the greater the fear.

Fear ( a poem)

In the recesses of one’s mind
there is always a place
where one will find

Fear for you
may be child’s play for me
and the thing that’s a lark
I wouldn’t face in the dark

For me it is simple
frightening to suppose
fearing the idea of love
of being close

Then again
I think real hard
fear of never being loved
beats my fear of the dark

All Things New (a poem)

All Things New (by Dave Holloway)

Sometimes I awaken
on a different stage,
decorated by another,
who isn’t me

then I’m struck
by the beauty of it all
even in a stark winter
which I dread the most,
trees nude, skies dark,
like the inside walls
of a refrigerator closed,
chasten and alone,
blackness pressing in
like the cold,

yet still it shines
a glimmer of hope,
a single candle burning
in a forever void,
then theatrically I arise
and seize the script
I’m given again,

Playing with Words (a poem)

One day she sat down
took all her words
set them end to end
Working them in a different display

She remembered a day
One so far away
When she played
another form of art

Monday was clay
She set out her tools end to end
Wednesday was oils
The palette filled end to end with color
Molding shapes and color was her craft

Each day a joy
Like playing with a new toy
She couldn’t choose a favorite
For each was a friend

And now on words
she can depend
to give a new form of art
to challenge and to bend

An Incredible “I” (a blog)

I – now what?

Ok so the “I” for my week is Incredible!!!!

It is barely one week into 2010 and it has already been incredible. I like that word a lot. What isn’t there to like unless you are “incredibly sad” – which I am not!

So why Incredible you may ask???? Got an hour???

You gotta dream

Incredible is when your dreams of a lifetime start unfolding before your very eyes. Some are dreams that I had from high school (yes that long ago.) Others have been coming together over the past few years.  When other dreamers come on board, you know you are in for the ride of a lifetime.  It’s incredible! The amazing thing is I have already realized the dreams of one lifetime- I didn’t know there could be more.

Hope Vision and More!

Some of you have read a blog or two about my dear friend Robert. This “incredible” guy has an impressive vision – to reach into the lives of disabled children and give them hope, vision, and determination. He understands what it takes – he has cerebral palsy. The project I am working on, with him, is expanding and solidifying. Amazing thing is we have both had a dream to reach and encourage this group of kids for years – we just met!

One of the “I”s will need to be income to fund all these dreams. One dream is an interactive website  – amazing it just happens to be an “I”.

I’m telling ya this is my year for “I”s.

Oh I almost forgot a quick recap:

Inept- Maybe I needed to see how inept I was to realize how blessed I am!

Impulsive – yes that’s still me. That’s how I get a lot of these crazy dreams off the ground

oh yes and Insight – need the discernment to know which direction to go next

An Aside

Dear blog reader I hope you have a year that, like the roller coaster ride, has dips and twists- all of them having a thrill factor of their own. Life after all is a wild ride – enjoy all of it!

In Love (with words) a blog

trying to figure out love? – look to the Greeks

Love: Common but so misunderstood

Love is such a common theme in writing, in poetry, in life- yet so misunderstood. Why?

What is love?  Why even test the waters when most likely someone is going to get hurt? Wouldn’t it just be safer to live in a “love” void our entire lives? Maybe. BUT -Our beings have a space or a black hole. This space clamors to be filled with love, acceptance, purpose. There are so many types of love -will one type do?

Greeks Define Love

Look at the Greeks they understood love and it’s depth. No way could one word define love.

They used five words:

  • Eros – self explanatory (need I say more?)
  • Storge – affection  the love for a family member
  • Thelema – desire to be revered in achievement (writers understand this one)
  • Philia – friendship / loyalty
  • Agape – the almost out of reach sacrificial love (CS Lewis’ definition “Caring regardless of the circumstances”)

Work your way up to the difficult aspects of love

Maybe that’s the thing- we need to look at the many facets of love. A person may not be great at the Eros kind of love, but  soars at Philia. Agape may be on the skids, but Storge is at an all time high. Love though elusive wants to be discovered. So maybe start at the easier aspects of love like Philia. Think -first date- Philia. Second date (we’ll see how the Philia goes on the first date). Well if you are only aiming for one date what the heck go for the Eros.

I recently spoke with a widowed family member. You’d think by seventy that a person would have the whole “love thing” down – right?? Well for some I gather it’s like going back to “square one.” Interesting that people made it through with the first or second marriage and at seventy are behaving like they did as teens.

What’s up with that? I guess these people didn’t study enough Greek in school.

I think when I am seventy I am going to stick to Thelema – it seems rather safe

***You might say I have the whole love thing figured out – can you please post a blog and enlighten the rest of us.