Oh to be sixteen again

Living with everything ahead nothing behind

Dreaming of important decisions looming in the distance

Anticipating the ups and downs of love

Physically at your best

No aches no pains no flab

The world awaiting your input

Every star holding a promise

Every kiss holding a dream

The mind gearing up for great exploration

The soul taking in love and goodness

Looking for …

I seek the approval of…

a lover

a friend

an intellect

a poet

an artist

Hoplessly flawed

no one to


into my eyes

at the stars

tell me…

Won’t someone share…

life with me




Come write a …


a treatise

a legacy

a love song

with me

Can anyone find me???

Am I flawed because I want someone to look in my eyes
Is love really that hard to find
Am I defective
Isn’t it natural to be needed
I don’t want to dominate
I’m not seeking my will
I’m looking for someone to share life with
To discover
To laugh with
To cry with

he loved her so / in the darkness / of the night

La Luna

La Luna is clothed
in a garment of shimmery white
She dances and sways
to the starry ritornelle
She gazes over her shoulder
She catches her reflection
She beams at her radiant beauty
All who gaze upon her delight and marvel at her

La Luna is enshrouded in a covering of darkness
She is surrounded by silence
She shivers in emptiness
No audience marvels at her beauty
No chorus sings as she dances
She is alone in the loneliest of places – The Cosmos


What are you searching for? We are all looking for something: love,fame, a change, meaning to life.  Don’t lose yourself as you are searching. Some of us do and then frantically have to find our way back. If you are a writer, express yourself and keep it fresh. If you are a painting, give yourself to the canvas. An athlete, put your heart and soul into the training and then the event.

Simply put: search but don’t get lost!!!!