Reserved for the Rich (Theme Thursday)

I looked upon the elegant display of food on china that you could see through. Flowers had been brought in for the occasion from other parts of the world – after all it was the dead of winter. I wanted just a taste of the finest food; to inhale roses and gardenias. As the daughterContinue reading “Reserved for the Rich (Theme Thursday)”

The meaning of brown…

“Je déteste le marron.” She screamed at her nanny. Her anger nearing taking over her usual calm demeanor. “S’il vous plait – cheri…” The nanny begged her to calm down The English nanny had no idea why this sweet little girl, who she was responsible for, had such an aversion to brown. When she hadContinue reading “The meaning of brown…”

It all makes sense (short story)

I woke up from a deep sleep to the same thing “nothing.” I guess I should be thankful; I have a job and a room of my own. But most  many days it is difficult to wake up to being blind. Have you ever wondered what the color yellow looks like? I can feel yellow,Continue reading “It all makes sense (short story)”

The Park Bench (adapted from Scarlet Letter Revisited)

She looked over her shoulder one last time. It was a long lingering glance on a park bench; their bench. She wiped the tear from her eye as she saw a tall man sit down. He appeared bent, burdened. **** She clapped her hands in glee. “Mommy i can’t wait to get to the ponyContinue reading “The Park Bench (adapted from Scarlet Letter Revisited)”

That’s the Way the Ball Bounces

She grabbed the basketball from her center and flung it hard at the guard. Jenna was a senior and had her whole life ahead of her. Captain of the Varsity Basketball team, 4.0 student, Junior miss, and she had the hottest boyfriend who also was a basketball player. So why was she so pissed today?Continue reading “That’s the Way the Ball Bounces”

My Lovely Shadow

I was taking a late lunch so that I could enjoy the park alone. Today I left my ipad at work and grabbed the suspense novel Vigilante by Claude Bouchard. It was a page turner unfortunately my work didn’t allow me to turn many pages. As intent as I was in Vigilante,   I looked upContinue reading “My Lovely Shadow”

Run Aground (Theme Thursday)

Sails unfurled wind in my face ecstasy of knowing no time – no place passion in the deep static in my heart course is unknown nor written in the charts Triangle of the sea fury on the deck howling around us spare us -the wreck pushing us forth rudder is spent sheets are flailing sailsContinue reading “Run Aground (Theme Thursday)”

Tainted by Passion (Theme Thursday)

Her lips quivered with a desire for him. He was gone but the memories were not. She re-lived the moment over and over. “Why did he go?”  She would cry in her dreams. ‘We were suited for each other from the start.” The passion they shared was life-giving. Everything they did had a spark. ItContinue reading “Tainted by Passion (Theme Thursday)”

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