Moon Beast #halloween #shortstory #children’sfiction #amwriting

the beast below

It was long ago when the world was young.The Moon some say was bright and full once or twice a year but then she would be gone for weeks at a time.” My grandmother said with a quiet, serious voice.

I closed my eyes. Grandmother told great stories.

“There were fewer people, no one to protect our world or our universe.  I do not think when Mars chased Luna that he intended to sire a beast. But beast he was.”

“How can such silvery beauty as I spawn repulsion?” she screamed as she flung him into the abyss of night.

“I am sorry, Luna. Please forgive me” the love struck Mars pled.

“Our love created that foul thing. We cannot be together, ever.”

“So Mars retreated to his corner of the Solar System looking each evening for a glimpse just a whisper of her , his  dearest Luna.”

“A star took pity on the child as he somersaulted through the dark. She sheltered him, giving him time to grow. The star did not intend for its kindness to be met with such  hatred. The beast devoured the star and grew strong.”

“You fool he sneered you should have let me die. He shook his fist at his mother,  a piece of the star hanging from his mouth.”

“The beast found himself on a planet called Earth.  It was green,full of life. The beast could not stand the light so in daylight he would vanish. At night dogs, chickens even people would be found missing. None wanted to believe the folk-lore. 

“Grandmother, I simpered how can we be safe from this beast? I will never go outside at night again.”

“There, there child. Listen…

For some time the dark beast  roamed the earth never content with his destruction. He would stoke the earth’s innards and make rocks so hot that it flowed from mountain tops into villages below. It was not enough. The Moon Beast for so he was called by the Universe would grab the sinews of the earth and pull shaking the ground, making worlds tumble.”

“We must stop this” Venus  looked with a jealous side glance at  Luna.

“I have no power over him, none at all,” Luna cried.

“There must be a solution” said the usually disregarded Pluto.

“He has one weakness, have you not seen?” The Sun rumbled. “He cannot be in the light of my rays. Perhaps I could shine day and night.”

“But you cannot Father Sun,” Saturn  wrung her hands.

“Luna, on the nights that you come out our son shrinks in strength. Your beauty makes him sick. Perhaps if you shine each night, he will die.” Love burned in Mar’s eyes.

“How can I destroy my son?” Luna despaired.

“You must” the people of the earth chorused to the Heavens.

“What did Luna do Grandmother?”

“Sadly, the celestial mother put on her silvery shawl to steal herself against the cold night air and kept a nightly vigil. The beast could not stand her light with time he grew weak. Luna too was growing weak. Mars saw it and wrapped his warm arms around her once or maybe twice a month to give her rest. It is said that on dark, moonless all hallow’s eve night’s  very strange things happen. No one knows for sure if the beast died. Luna continues to shine.  She hopes her son is still alive. She sighs in relief each time her dearest Mars comes so that she might rest. Tonight, grandson, if the moon is hidden you must run to your home.  Quickly now and keep your doors locked; I have heard strange tidings.”

The next morning a mournful wail  into the a blood-red dawn. 

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My First Wheels #children #haiku #photography

Child’s Play – L. Moon

Candied apple drips

sticky hand grasps handle bars

I can’t let go


little hands and feet

stumbling in attempt to run

shoes are too big


I can’t let go

sweet memories that surround

little hands and feet


shoes seem too big

hands grasp the wheel and lever

jerk as the clutch pops

autumn imagination CD 8

This wonderful tricycle surrounded by fall is our Carpe Diem Inspiration. What do you remember about childhood?

I’m not sure I had a tri-cycle as a little one. We lived on a hill so I’m not sure have something without brakes would have been a good idea. It was tough learning how to skateboard and bike when I was older 🙂

The Girl With Many Kindnesses #atozchallenge #life’slessons #photography #fantasy

walking stick

One day a little girl was sent on an errand for her mama.

“The road will be long but you will be safe as long as you extend kindness along the path.”

“Of course, mama,” the girl smiled knowing this would not be a difficult task.

In her head she recited the things she needed to buy: “Milk, butter, flour, and a ham hock for making soup.”

She met an old frail woman on the path. “Oh, she looks like she might trip and fall on that root.” The little girl rushed to aid the woman.

“Goodbye,” she waved after helping the woman to an even part of the path.

A little further along, she heard sobbing. She noticed a young woman with her head bent so low she might fall into the waters below. Without thinking, she bobbed over with a cheerful face and gave the young woman the bouquet she had been picking for her mama. “One so fair, let the beauty of the day drive away your cares,” She said as she skipped off.

Just outside of the village, a scrawny lad leaned against the tree. “He looks so hungry.” A tear formed in the girl’s eye. “There must be something… ” She remembered the bite size sandwich her mother had made for her journey. “I know it’s not much, but I hope you will gain  strength from my small lunch.”

“But what will give you strength little one?”

“I have plenty of strength to get me safely home.”

As the man at the market loaded a canvas sack, he noted that it was too heavy for the girl. “How will you manage?” he implored. He had knowingly added some medicinal herbs and a jar of medicine for the girl’s sick mama.

“Sir, I don’t know” her face showed concern ” I am suddenly feeling tired from my journey.” The man smiled “Eat this; it will be enough.”  As she ventured out, she knew she must be swift, her mama needed these things.

As she left the store, someone handed her a walking stick. “This may to you strength bring.” She smiled in “thanks” as the gift giver hurried off.

“I must be lost for I do not remember the huge tree in the way of my passage.” The tree tried to scoop her up. She waved the stick like a fly swatter and the tree shrank in size. “I hope the boy, who ate my lunch, is safe, ” she thought.

“The path can’t be right for there was no raging river in my way.” She looked and looked for a way around. She waved the stick and the river became a brook once again. “I hope the girl is free from the water’s pull.”

“I’m so tired,” the little girl huffed and puffed. There was a small donkey standing just up ahead. “I don’t remember you,” she said as she climbed gratefully on his back. “You are a wonderful creature,” she whispered in his ear.

A howling wind, accompanied by a blizzard, blocked her pathway home. “No you don’t,” she scolded as she raised the stick high. “We must get home to help mama.” The storm turned to a misty, much needed rain.

As she bounded into her small, warm home, she noticed her mother was pale and almost blue in color.

“Oh mama, take some of this that the nice man sent to make you feel well. I will make these herbs into a tea.” She raised the stick. “You have taken care of me. Please help my mama.”

The girl’s mama rose from her couch with her strength restored. As she gathered her girl into her arms, the little girl became a young woman, kindness beamed in her deep blue eyes.

“Thank you stick.” she whispered. She knew not that all along it had been her many kindnesses that had given the power to the stick.

Life’s Lesson: Remember to give a kindness today; you never know how it may be repaid.




Photography: “Walking Stick” copyright L. Moon 2013

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Gone to the Deer #Christmas #Night before Christmas #Santa


It was the night before Christmas

when all through the house

not a creature was stirring

though we don’t count

Brubaker our mouse

The children with Nestle’s

were wired though in bed

with threats that Saint Nicolas

would skip us instead

And mama in her black nightie

and I – I can’t say

were  settled down before midnight

hip hip horray

Then out on the lawn

there arouse such a clatter

I sprang with my shot-gun

not caring about the spatter

away to the window I flew

well – I ran

“I’ll shoot you I promise”

I winked “if I can”

The blue moon on the white

new fallen snow

led to thoughts of wolves howling

I just want you to know

But thankfully

tonight seemed very clear

it was Santa

a sleigh

and eight overfed reindeer

He whistled and chortled

I called ” come quick dear”

as he shouted out the names

I exclaimed “not so near”

Now Dasher, Plea Dancer

No Comet, Stop Cupid!

Please Prancer


you’re just acting stupid

Yes Donner

we know we know


Blitzen  there’s to be

no partying in the snow

Get off their porch

that’s an easy low wall

now dash away

dash away

before from exhaustion I fall

As the dry leaves

that in piles still lay

and hurricane Sandy

would have done a number on that sleigh

I watched

as they scampered and tiptoed and flew

oh I forgot

“Santa, it’s a new roof too”

and so I calculated

as I heard on that roof

the prancing and pawing

of too many hoof

As I pondered the cost

and was turning around

impossible as it was

In the chimney he was found

He was dressed in fur

from his neck to his foot

Prada saved from our chimney

with no ashes nor soot

A bundle of toys

 were loaded on his back

and candy

oh please

we have an abundance of that!

As our eyes met

his dimples looked  cherry

“Santa have you already

been making merry?”

His droll little mouth

well it said “no no no”

“your face too would be red

from the ice freezing snow”

I grinned and then smiled

as I grabbed some egg nog

“will you join me my friend

I promise you wont get too slogged”

so we sat by a heater

I sipped and he guzzled

then he realized

“those deer they’re not muzzled”

Here are the toys

they were flung off his back

“I’m sorry wages were cut

so none will be wrapped”

We laughed at the time

I’d spend wrapping whee heee

but you have to admit

they’re delivered for free

so as he, cup in hand,

went back into flight

I heard him exclaim

“THANKS, til next year

have a good night”

Thanks to Clement Clarke Moore who published “A Visit From St. Nicholas” in 1822.

The Golden Key (Revisited) #Grimmfairytales #children


Today is the 200 year anniversary celebrating the work of the Grimm Brothers who wrote 200+ fairy tales. I read The Golden Key and felt it had ended prematurely so this is my suggested part two to the tale:


The boy’s hands had been frozen cold by the snow. He shivered wondering if he had the strength to return home. He looked at the key. So tiny yet full of life; he could feel it. As the gold key turned in the box, the key began to grow and glow. “I am warm,” the boy said in cheerful surprise.

The fire he had hoped for sprung up around the key, but the boy was brave and touched the fire without being burned. He now knew this was no common key.

Though many people in the presence of magic ask for something to ease their lot, the boy was content to hold the warm key and box. The box got heavier until the boy reluctantly set it down on the ground. He held fast to the curious box fearful it would vanish.

The box became hot as it ignited from the key’s glow. The boy continued to hold on tight. As the flame grew more intense, the box, which revealed itself to be pure gold, became clear like glass. The boy expectantly peered inside. The only thing he could see was a plain gold ring. He reached in through the fire, grasped the flame filled ring, and placed it on his finger.

An onlooker would have seen a most magnificent thing on that cold frosty morn. A key, a box, and a ring transformed a boy to a knight. The glow about him melted the snow. A kaleidoscope of color mingled with the fire. Flowers sprung from the impotent earth, fruit sprouted on nearby trees, the life that had so long ago departed returned to the barren land.

Little did this simple boy know that he was chosen by the key for a mission. The knight would save many downtrodden soul in the cold, unrelenting world and provide golden hope for the besieged. Long after the knight was gone stories would be told, through the land, of the knight who carried warmth for all in his heart.

Photography The Key to My Soul by Petal Dreams at Deviant Art

Over at New World Creative Union and the Wednesday Wakeup Call the call is to embrace the fairy tale genre (old or new) and be inspired. 

The First Corner of Life #microfiction #lifeslessons #children

faithful old shoes

“I’m weary already”

the new shoe said to the old

“It is what happens at first

after awhile you will hardly notice it”

“I am concerned that my bright emblem will get scuffed”

“Oh don’t worry it will get more than scuffed”

“How do you manage?”

“I put one foot in front of the other”

the worn shoe remarked wisely

“I will never make it around the first corner of life”

“no you are right. no one can without help

the foot inside you will be your best friend

it will rely on you but so must you be confident in it.

Getting around the first corner of life is the hardest but the next comes too quickly.

Then a day will come that you get to be propped up at the end of a long day with a newspaper and a nice warm fire – ahhh retirement.”

photograph “seen better days” L. Moon copyright 2011

The World of a Child #NWCU #poetry #art #photography

Join New World Creative Union each Wednesday for
Wednesday Wake-Up Call . The prompt today is to use all of the following:
1. The colors yellow, blue, and green
2. A triangle
3. Peace
4. Lilacs.
5. A child
Any media can be used or a combination of media but each element must be part of the work of art
today your world is tops and trains
boats and thingy ma jigs
your bold striped top of blue and white
your twin’s is yellow and white
your shorts are green
primary colors mark the start
“go go go”
you move and squirm
 hold you is all we want to do
nap time – the perfect motionless moment
The lilacs are placed back on the coffee table
peace enters your world and mine
tomorrow you will mark the wall of your world
bold colors of blue sailboats
green dinosaurs
yellow tow trucks
lines and triangles on paper
crayon dashes on your bedroom wall
the artist of the future
where peace is in the noise
your mother’s lilacs are used as swords
many tomorrows from now
you will remove the primary from your world
you will color in impressionism
construct over the triangle
you will study the lilac
reaching into the fragrance
master the seas
paint stories in the clouds
a dash of yellow, blue and green
brings a smile
peace will reign once more
your walls will be large and white
plenty of room for hanging
big and small
all coming
since you were
a child
Photography “In your own World” L. Moon copyright 2012