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Everyday Patterns #photography #poetry

moon photo

Catch the light

let it flow

running fast

in winter slow

whatever 049

Nature’s patterns

strong and firm

Man’s designs

crisscross or curved


patterns do enhance or world

places for children

to climb, dive or twirl

The WordPress Photography Challenge this week is Lines and Patterns.

Today my words run in lines and my photography picks up the patterns from daily life

Images taken with iphone 3 © L. Moon

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Celebrate the Harvest Moon (Meigetsu) #haiku #poetry


golden face glow

life stirs beneath your smile

ready for harvest


celebrate harvest

kids laughter in hay wagon

stew on the fire


We lived in an agricultural area for years.

How fun to celebrate the end of harvest by a bonfire of cornstalks and walnut limbs while the kids went on a moonlight ride.

Celebrate the Harvest Moon (Meigetsu) courtesy of Carpe Diem

Thanks to Briarcroft for the photo of the bonfire 

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Autumn Stripped Bare #photography

“My sorrow,when she’s here with me, thinks these dark days of autumn rain are beautiful as days can be. she loves the bare, the withered tree, she walks the sodden pasture lane.” ~Robert Frost

This Week’s picture and quote prompt  provided by Ese is bare. Autumn a fitting time for bare and black and white.

Photography the copyrighted work of L. Moon 2013


Haiku · nature · Photography · Poetry

Waiting for Evening (matsuyoi) #haiku #poetry #photography

Poems with the kigo Matsuyoi often refer to a certain longing especially in love poems

awaiting her smile

trance-like in autumn’s haze

moon casts orange glow


moon casts  orange glow

golden love warmth through the night

candle light flickers

Carpe Diem’s prompt is Matsuyoi  (waiting evening and the autumn moon is well worth waiting for)

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Captivated by another place #poetry #photography


In the world of trees

when not as high as your knees

I sang a song

nature sang along

In storms and gales

I’d raise the sails

the salty mist

was my first kiss

by light of  books and art

I’d play my harp

and dream of places

magnificent horse races

the places I love

are rapturous above

and far below

where beasts bellow

The imagination vivid

where I’ve oft lived

where worlds unfold

endless stories told

This poem inspired by Sherry over at Poet’s United her prompt today “A favorite place you love”

poets united

Photograph: Life of a tree © L. Moon 2013