Top o the morning… #happystpatricksday #poetry


Top of the morning

here’s a dew kiss for your lips

my promise and some blarney

may you never miss


Top of the morning

may there always be a smile

planted on your forehead

ask me to stay for awhile


top of the morning

I murmur in my sleep

Jameson’s done and empty

what promises can’t I keep

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to You

may you find a four- leaf clover

tucked behind each ear



Photography from http://kjhk.org/web/event/st-patricks-day-replay-patio-w-dj-kimbarely-legal/

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The First Fragrance #hatsu-hana #spring #haiku #photography

first cherry blossom

Soft ruffled outline
your fragrance over the breeze
inhaled in my arms

Inhaled in my arms
sweet swaying dance with the spring
you carry me forth

You carry me forth
dreams in waves of “yet to come”
welcome sunshine smiles

first spring

The first blossoms are always so cheerful in the early spring. Thanks to Carpe Diem for the prompt welcoming spring in.

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A Tale of Two… #poetry #Dickens #history #Idesofmarch



where people got caught

in the crossroads

hoping for more

losing their heads


one man,  promising future

another a forgettable past

woman’s cherishable heart

loved by both


one bent on revolution

another tottering and old

people were foolish

some were quite bold


had they listened

would there have been

an outcome less bloody

showing favor to all men?

A Tale of Two Cities a classic by Charles Dickens is by far one of my favorite  novels.  Dickens had a way of tearing away the layers of a person and revealing the true character. I wonder what Dickens could peel away from the characters driving our present society; would there be any goodness or only avarice and self-seeking beneath the layers of today’s leaders?

A Thought for the Ides of March:  If men listened to the foretelling of their future (as in Caesar) might they take the time to right some of the wrongs they have put in motion?

Picture from A Guillotine Headquarters

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Justice #poetry #politics


pronounce it anyway you like

accent or not

it has been served up

as a pig’s head on a platter


Wielded like a four letter word

between the sheets

as a man takes what is “his”


Falls with steel-like force

in one swift move

obliterating life in its path


Is bandied about

by men who think they know

something about the law


Fails to meet the mark

for the common man

the one who needs it the most


In days when it is needed the most, where has it flown???

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Winter’s Demise #haiku #zansetsu

remaining snow

What now remains

dusting of  glorious past

the winter’s demise


the winter’s demise

none weep over your passing

as white turns to slush


as winter turns to slush

we sing of  new days ahead

look not to what’s spent


Jisei nado, Zansetsu ni ka mo
 “ A parting word?
The melting snow is odorless”

The prompt from Carpe Diem is Zansetsu “Remaining Snow”

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I Read Between The Lines #poetry #photography

between the lines

I read between the lines

still there was nothing

I read between the lines

and felt you slip away


there was nothing

was there ever?

I read between the lines

your first love letter

I know now

it was written to her

I read between the lines

and felt you slipping

from fingers that never stirred

never were loved by you

and I ask the question

Photography: “Between The Lines” copyright 2012 L. Moon