I am a female veteran. I served for six years in the United States Navy. I am proud to have served my country. It was an honor to be in a position that assured the safety of the innocent and  the helpless.

Why do some look down on people who lay down their lives for others? No one likes war. We all prefer peace. A perfect world offers peace. The imperfect world offers dissension that often leads to a battle of sorts.

Where would your children be if men and women had not stood in the balance?

Thank a veteran today for their willingness to protect you and yours.

new things in the horizon

How often do we focus on those people in our society who are living in adversity? Doesn’t the American life obsess on physical beauty, achievement, talent? I am entering a potential writing project with an amazing individual. There is potential to develop a series. Our primary target audience is children with disabilities. Our secondary target is children with difficult lives. Because of Robert’s disabilities, we have some potential funding.
We want children who don’t live in the “beautiful” life to be encouraged. Children need to know it’s okay to be different.

The Specter of Old Age

The invisible specter

Has come to rob once again

It takes away vitality

Replacing it with weakness

The specter creeps in to change a comely visage

It disturbs the pleasant view in the mirror

something unrecognizable is in its place

Its shadow is cast into the very marrow of a man

frailty and uncertainty remain

For some the specter reaches into the very recesses of the mind

There the spoils are often the richest

It takes away years of careful study

plundering a lifetime of memories

The specter leaves in its wake a form

bent, gaunt, empty,  colorless

The specter gives nothing

It leaves nothing


Oh to be sixteen again

Living with everything ahead nothing behind

Dreaming of important decisions looming in the distance

Anticipating the ups and downs of love

Physically at your best

No aches no pains no flab

The world awaiting your input

Every star holding a promise

Every kiss holding a dream

The mind gearing up for great exploration

The soul taking in love and goodness

Looking for …

I seek the approval of…

a lover

a friend

an intellect

a poet

an artist

Hoplessly flawed

no one to


into my eyes

at the stars

tell me…

Won’t someone share…

life with me




Come write a …


a treatise

a legacy

a love song

with me

Can anyone find me???

Am I flawed because I want someone to look in my eyes
Is love really that hard to find
Am I defective
Isn’t it natural to be needed
I don’t want to dominate
I’m not seeking my will
I’m looking for someone to share life with
To discover
To laugh with
To cry with

he loved her so / in the darkness / of the night