Call Me Doctor Bone #flashfiction

I can assure you the first time happened quite by accident.

She stealthily crawled into my bed after 2 am. She should have known better.

I’m a surgeon and handle a knife deftly.

It was relatively easy after that.

Though I never looked for the opportunity,

they seemed to present themselves as worthy of my collection.

I’ve been rather sick (this past week) and have had endless hours to imagine how somebody could successfully hide remains in a basement. Doctor Bone seemed to cooperate and pop into my active imagination wonder who else is there? ( in my imagination not the basement!)

A happy first of the month of March to all of you who enjoy to read or write flash fiction. Hosting a weekly meme is work so a hearty thank you to G-Man who handles words skillfully – might I say deftly.


Escape #flashfiction #twitter #blogging

“Come to the shore” said the coaxing voice in the breeze

We offer air its free for you to breathe

quiet,relaxation is offered too

“but what” I worried “will I do”

I cannot blog

twitter’s lost in this fog

“Escape” they said It happens nightly

with my channel changer I do it sprightly

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Photography:” Late Summer Cali Coastline” Copyright L. Moon 2011

Lost In Flight #flashfiction

“Last call for United flight 4571”

She hefted her carry-on into the overhead compartment

“I believe that is my seat 22B.”

“Yes mine is the window.”

She settled in for the flight with a magazine – not a flight magazine but it looked interesting.

“She was seated on the aircraft Lieutenant. We lost her somewhere in- flight.”


This is just one of a host of flash fiction in 55 shared with G-Man for Friday Flash Fiction

Thanks to Sean Memon for the Photograph

The Lost Ripple #amywinehouse

She had danced here

you could still see a memory of her hair fluttering in the wind

blue waves washing her, purifying her

Golden sun crystallized on her lips

some would say “perfect” as they gazed upon her dark beauty

others sobbed in silence

as her lyrical song

caught on the breeze was no more


How many talented men and women lost their lives too soon. Amy Winehouse is just one example of those who like a candle snuffed too soon.

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photo “Ripple Effect” L. Moon copyright 2011

The Rings Of Time #poetry #FlashFiction

Rambling  words at the beginning of  life


Eager to reach and stretch toward the sky


Doating over little ones who giggle and crawl


 Watching as they went on without you


One tight smile as they watched you wither


Offensive  sounds with their stinging blades


Done was my time


Thanks to G-Man who each week makes writing fiction fun. Well as long as you keep your fiction to 55 words and have a plot…

Photograph: Moondustwriter 2010

Why did he leave ??? #FlashFiction

She opened her eyes that morning

all traces of him were gone…


she thought that the relationship was moving forward to a commitment

Three years  later she read :

“Human Skull discovered in local irrigation ditch.”

The headline went on to state that  a dog unearthed the skull

A tear fell from her eye…


Thanks to the illustrious G-Man who hosts Friday 55 Flash Fiction. Join us as we write fiction in 55 words.

Only a Dream… #flashfiction

“It’s was only a dream dahling, just a dream.”

A cigarette dangled from




which she placed between mine.

What was I to beleive?

I felt like hell.

Had I been drugged with truth serum

was this Hungarian bombshell telling me the truth…?

Being a spy was nothing  like it




I am following a theme for Memorial Day all weekend. Hope you join myself and others in writing 55 words about something “Fictiony”.

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