Where did she lose herself?

No matter how hard

she tries

this thing floats

to the top

it won’t stay down

just won’t let up

(it’s aim to drown)


So many years

shes’ dealt with the hurt

gone for a while

comes back for more


it started long ago

many paths

she’s traversed

since then

so much hurt

many men


the quest for love

started early on

it was not meant

for her she learned

when she was so tender

so young


she sought

high and low

when family failed

she looked to others

mostly male


Each one carved

from her heart

a small piece

never caring

what they took

from this lovely woman

so like a piece of art


so certain

it was she

she gave more away

til nothing was left

but a shell

hope now bereft


she still

seeks for love

they take

what they can get

though beauty

youth and self

there is nothing left