Nothing Flows for Free #californiadrought #poetry

three rivers canvas

I grew up on a river

 no longer does it  flow

 like so much else

where it’s  gone

no one knows

I cut my teeth on a river

ran freely to the sea

blind men’s bluff

was once a game

I’m cynical can’t you see

I tossed my sorrows on the river

actually there are three

well there were

man used them up

nothing flows for free

I grew up on a river

 no longer does it flow

 like so much else

where it’s  gone

nobody knows…

central valley water

price of water

Photographs: Three Rivers when they flowed in California, Year three of a five year drought, Year four of the five year drought (yes there is still water but  independent farmers (and dairymen) cant get it unless you are lining the pockets of …)

The prompt at Poet’s United Midweek Motif is Watershed Moments. We all have them what are yours?

All the Leaves are Brown #californiadrought #watershortage

central valley water

days of drought
catch the rain in a jar
each drop precious


price of admission

turn fresh produce into weeds

highest bidder

I continue to read ridiculous reports of fights for water in California. I drive through the Central Valley and see new vineyards cropping up and the dairy industry, walnut, almond, pistachio orchards along with fresh produce (that supply a nation) are being killed. A nation’s stupidity cannot feed her people.

Everything has a Price #water #ag #california #poetry

Comrades come and gather round

we have found water

in your thirsty ground

precious as it is to you

we will sell it back

it’s true

grow your crops

or let them die

what is it to us

if hungry children cry


Pictures speak 1000 words. These pictures are within miles of each other in California’s Central Valley.

You guessed it the beautiful water filled canal supplies water to the corporate farm.

The independent farms (family owned ) are left to go back to scrub brush.

Fracking is not helping the problem!

No Harvest This Year #california #drought #haiku

John Deere
John Deere

out to pasture

headed for the city

furrows of weeds

fallfarms bothofs2
A normal year with water

cattle and corn

crops on the horizon

a good year

The prompt for Carpe Diem “Harvest Dusk” brought a tear to my eye. The harvest season is upon us but there are only weeds to harvest. If you haven’t heard, California has not only had a drought but the government has mismanaged water allocations so agriculture was allowed to return to weeds and sagebrush aka DESERT.  Friends in Porterville have no water out of the tap.

The good news – your grocery bills will be higher this fall!!!


Things of the Past #agriculture #dpchallenge #drought


oiled plows

turned the ground

anticipating harvest

 Once full of life

wheat fields clapped their hands

cattle gossiped in the stalls

tractors slowed traffic

we rose before the sun

greeting the day’s challenge

rusty hinges no longer squeak

children no longer milk cows

our food is imported


The prompt for the daily post photo challenge is Relic.


I used to look upon rusty, dilapidated farms as romantic. I anticipated the change of new metal barns and air-conditioned John Deere tractors. While I lived in the agricultural center of California, I never anticipated the return of the land to desert where nothing  grows and a lye/ salt makes it impossible to grow anything but sage brush.  There is an abundance of uncultivated sagebrush land. The United States has been reliant for up to 90 percent  produce (from California) including cotton, citrus, dairy, fruit, vegetables, nuts, grapes…). The land (even with water) cannot be cultivated in a season (or a year.)

Have you noticed where your produce is coming from???

I have no qualms about buying produce from other countries except for the lack of FDA regulation on amount and type of pesticides being utilized.

Please enjoy the Relics produced by others:

photo-challenge-abandoned #haiku #photography #agriculture

busy yesterdays

windmills talking to the sky

today – silent hinges

fallfarms hinge013

Today’s prompt for the photo challenge is Abandoned. I think there is beauty and sadness in the abandoned barns in the Central Valley.

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Fresh! #agriculture #poetry #photography

They’ve made sunshine artificial

cellophane contains rainforest mist

we tread never ending stairway

all that’s living sorely missed


music tuned on rounds of plastic

nature sneers in futility baulks

nothing here really matters

our food source comes fresh from a box


green is just another color

nothing in the dirt is real

silk are all the flowers blooming

all that swims comes from Mercury’s reel


break a pack it will cool you

smash these gels for your feet

what you hold is meant to fool you

supplement the real de-feat


This is a rant that I wrote after eating pesticide laden veggies from Mexico. The Central Valley in California is more than capable of growing the crops for the nation and yet it is often short-changed by big business and politics in Northern and Southern California. I loved reading this morning (on the box) that my clementines are sprayed with wax or better yet resin. Well they have to be they are shipped from Morocco.

made in mexico

This article California’s Central Valley is about the volume of fresh produce, dairy and meat coming from the under represented  but productive area in California..