Lost Treasure #poetry #photography


where did you leave your treasure

I asked of stormy sky

the tide is quick receding

it will retreat and hide

where did you hide the treasure

beneath a shell or brook

I cannot deep go wading

or wet will be my book

where did you leave my treasure

I look into moon’s eye

 a blushing smile revealing

and wearing a disguise

where did you leave your treasure

I hasten now to look

before the sea comes surging

I’ll drown while being o’ertook

blue striations

Where did you leave your treasure???

Pirates Sign with an “X” #atozchallenge #photography #poetry


“X” marks the spot

where you first crossed my heart

never to be apart

since you boarded my ship


though the Jolly Roger is faded

overgrowth covering the hull

our cup is always full

Cabernet fills our glass


never to be apart

never love to stow

there are things we in secret know

treasure’s deep within

A2Z-BADGE-000 [2014]

When you use words you are able to keep your mind alive.

Writing is my way of reaffirming my own existence.

~Gao Xingjian

From Dawn to Dusk #poetry #photography

Dawn you rise brilliant and fine

your fingertips stretch

touching each end of the world

with your color rising smile


Day you warm and chide

reminding us of the tasks that must be done

you move us along with your blues skies

puffy clouds dance with your minstrels


Dusk oh dusk you mirror my moods

grabbing at the last rays

mingling them with my tears

closing the curtain for act two

Entrance of Dawn #poetry #photography

Lover’s play as the sun anticipates awakening the dawn…

Black Velvet Impressionistic

Midnight’s shadow

lingers on her fingertips

Like the gentle caress of black velvet

lips brush a kiss upon night’s curtain


She readies her dress

a whisper “not ready though”

Dawn’s rays beckon in a soft halo

slowly day warms her palm


I must delay  the eyelids of the sun

“Wait just a bit longer” she implores

My surprise for you

will otherwise be ruined


Humored he complies

With a radiant smile

Imagining her allure all the while

silhouetted in the satiny pink of dawn


Photograph: ” Impressionistic Black Velvet” copyright L. Moon 2012

Horizon’s Game #photography #poetry #nature

Love’s allegory plays out in a umlimited, colored sky

blue dawn photo rendering - shot Dec 2012
Dawn’s Palette

Horizon – you aim to please

You play with the sky

You taunt and you tease

Like a lover you reach

for her long wisps of hair

then you pull back


She in her many moods

at times recoils

in a sullen grey

other times

wearing blue is willing to play

“Games in the sky”


With colors and light

two lover’s ply

the world’s palette

in overhead sky

for all to see

endless expressions of love

Photograph: “Dawn’s Palette” – copyright L. Moon 2012