Still Whole #poetry #veteransday

Yes people look and see metal

I like the sound it makes

it creaks along with my left knee

it took awhile but I’m settled

I had to get past

the part that was missin

I’m guessing you’re wondering

do I  feel whole still?

yes, but it works on your will

like a test

so when you look at me

smile at my friend

he’s a part of me

and on him I daily depend

The Amputee #poetry


It was cold down there

where my leg once hung

I never talked to my limbs

now I hold long conversations

with something that is forever gone

We made memories

palled around as friends

we were a team you and I

well we were

I guess good things all have to end

Think about “Us”

If you could do it all over

would you run off

at the first sign of trouble

leave me without cover

I always thought

you’d stand and fight

misconceptions run in my family

you were more concerned

about being right

*** For all those who have suffered amputation it is not an easy thing you face. That part of you will never get better and your diligence is required everyday to prevent infection. I met a man at the hospital  and he was one his third bout of losing more of his foot. He had a great attitude about it I might add but his feet I could tell had become his friends.