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The Lion and the Butterfly #poem

unlikely friends

need presses the issue

small sacrifice

generous rescuer

colourful child

king of all he sees

love conquers convention

our stories make children smile


What do a Ugandan cho and a la foufou have in common? They have found friendship in the Savanna when a lion rescues a helpless cocoon and gains a beautiful and loyal friend. The zoos and parks seem very responsible with their wildlife. This lioness will hopefully return to the wild when she is elephant

motherless child

lake doesn’t claim this baby

large appetite


Poets United prompt today is Animals in recognition of World Animal Day

flash fiction · Friday Fictioneers

Fantasy Has Teeth #flashfiction #fantasy


“That has to be a Rhicrocohip,” my daughter clapped in excitement at the animal that she had only seen in books.

“And I’m sure that’s an Elebratigraff,” my son proudly enunciated the name.

Our trip to Eurafrissia had been a delightful excursion. Nothing here was like the polluted  world we had stepped out of. I smiled as this colorful and magical world reflected in my children’s eyes.

“Run! Here comes a  man-eating Cheehyon  straight toward us,” my husband screamed. I realized  we could be as easily attacked in fantasy land as where we had come from.

“Where is the exit?”


What do you make of an animal with a big nose and alot of stripes? In 100 words tell a tale about this creature and enjoy the many others who participate in Rochelle Wisoff Fields’ Friday Fictioneers

 Animal names: Rhinoceroscrocodilehippopatomus




Short Stories

The Day that Beauty Was Stolen (Short Story)

“Mama what is happening here?”

“Darling this a story about a time in our world when even the animals had to flee the coming danger. Parents had no time to run. They did what they had to save their children.                                                                                                                     The children were strapped to the backs of the animals.”

“What were they escaping from Mama?”

Legend has it that man had become so bad that he took what didn’t belong to him.

He even stole words and creativity from some of the most wonderful writers and artists of that time.

“Oh mama that is terrible. What would we do if we didnt have words and pictures?”

“Darling we would lose reason. When beauty is stolen, the word will be a dark place. The world will be swallowed up by shallow hearted people.”

“How can we stop it mama?”

“Darling – We should share and not be jealous of what others have.”

There is plenty of beauty to go around!


This story is sadly inspired by the recent demise of a young man (Tyler Clementi)  with musical prowess. Not only did people suck his life away,  an unregulated system (Social Media Networking) participated as well. Sadly this is not the only instance where people are lashing out at those who express their creativity on the Internet.

Thanks for the writing prompt from Monday’s child. Check out other fine writing and prose.