The Surreal Marriage in Hell #art #poetry #horror



Hell Bosch

I was married in hell

to the man who rolled dice

who dependent on the number

slept with women “oh how nice”


Their bodies were the cure

for misogynism so it seems

he loved to dissect them

carry parts off in his dreams


turn the crank

do my bidding

you there woman

naked only, where you’re sitting


a tree branch is as successful

at eating sweet cake

but where I come from in Kansas

what you’re doing is rape


” there is consolation in this”

things seems to be warming

I stand off and I smile

but you’re heedless to the warning


I’m looking askance

as you devour that body

you will choke on her flesh

your face reflects haughty


cockroaches seem not to mind

when a pit is ahead

warm places to breed

in the bodies of the dead


Are you familiar with the artist Hieronymous Bosch? It’s been a long while since I looked deep into his paintings.

I have to admit I was always uncertain about his message. I do know that he painted many pictures of Hell.

Different art historians looked at his work and message quite differently: from nightmarish dreams, to the inventor of monsters, to a Dutch painter who painted from the medieval  notions contrasting good and evil.

I believe Bosch was a solitary figure only 7 paintings bear the signature of the artist. There are more in his style that are attributed to the artist, but there is a belief that there are more works that he is not given credit for.  His late 15th century art conveys  an early sense of the surreal much like that of Salvador Dali who would paint unforgettable (but still hard to understand) images 400 years later.

I hope that Bosch leaves you a bit uncomfortable. I believe that was his intention.

Nightmarish dreams works for me…


This painting is by Dutch painter Gerard David a contemporary of Bosch. The paintings of the day were flat nativity scenes and portraiture.

Bosch was definitely ahead of his time and maybe uncomfortable with his artist genius.

Please join me next week as I’ll spend the week creating a mosaic of dark art and contemporary horror writing. Tis the season …

Final Stroke #atoz #art #shortstory

The final brush stroke…

she held her breath knowing what had seemed like a lifetime of creating  would be culminated at this final pass of color. For a moment she heard a child laughing with glee as she pranced around the studio with her first paint brush from her grand pere. “I was so full of life, exuberance, potential then. I knew I would be a talented artist with many commissioning my work. I was too much the dreamer.”

A brush fell…

“What if this final mark on my years as an artist is a flop?” She turned as if speaking to stacks of blank and partly finished canvasses.

“You must” she spoke assuring the canvas that they must move forward.

What the art enthusiasts did  not know is that she felt each painting would be her last. The beginning stages of applying gesso and sketching out her subject was like birth for her soul; the final touches But it was not the brush she had been using. Taking a lasting stroke with what she believed was a subtle cream ;she left a mark on her painting that would be talked about by historians and students for generations.

“The stroke of red made this a masterpiece”

“She knew the stroke of red would be like a crescendo in the art world.”

“It symbolized her heart failing her.”

“It was a dagger…”

They found her in a pool of red. In her glorious world of finished and unfinished creations.

Her final work had indeed been the most influential piece of her career.


Some day I will finish my life work which is a biographical fiction about my mother’s life. An artist who has made everything she touches a masterpiece. In her youth, she painted and made history.

This piece ” Final Stroke” is my creation for the letter “S ” in the month long A to Z writing challenge,