Zebra #poetry #children #school

You look so shy

you are one of a kind

you wear black and white

my kids wear strips

you run and play

and so do they

kids give us smiles

no matter the size


Children are planning to return to school and some are finishing up their lessons for a break. Parents are all too proud of these lives that make ours so full of joy!!!

I drew a zebra for a friend the other day (not this one by my talented parent). Those zebra stripes take all sorts of zigs and zags but they still join up some where in the middle – amazing how that works.




The Stacks #library #books

across the books

they have so many stories to tell

leather bound,  some think some thin

heavy or light like a feather

more tales, imaginations to spin


grabbing for our attention

but wait before you go

look down deep to the archives

untold journeys you know


into dust willing I descend

books so large it takes two

who knows the pages turned

by famous people who knew


conjurors of mystery

history will claim the stash

faded away are prose, poetrys

hidden in this place of the past


My First Day #school #children #story

Parents face many a milestone as they raise children; a significant milestone is sending a child off to school for the first time.


I see them walking past my window – new shoes, new back packs and I reflecti back…



“Mommy mommy I think I hear it.”

“Oh honey” she ruffled my hair lovingly “you still have another twenty minutes.”

“But shouldnt I be there just in-case” I said with a gap-toothed smile

“Let’s make sure you have everything ” she was trying to stall me I later realized.

“You have your pencils?”









“Hmm” I looked cross-eyed I hadn’t put that in my backpack. I opened the zipper. “Yes” I giggled knowing who put  my lunch in my pack.

“Milk money?”

“Yes” I felt in my pocket.

“How ’bout a kiss?”

“Nope none of those in here.” I teased.

I put my arms around mommy’s neck. I didn’t realize the sacrifice she made in watching me grow up. This was as big a step for her as it was for me.

“Ok then I think they are ready for you smarty pants.”

With that I looked down to check that my shoes were tied.I grabbed my sweater and my backpack and ran out the door.

I didn’t think to wave til I got to the end of the drive. All of a sudden I felt it too. The long invisible cord that connected my mommy and I was stretched as far as it would stretch. A tear reached my eye as I realized she could not go with me on this journey. “Bye bye” I yelled “I love you mommy.”


Today many children will go back to school while others will go for the very first time. This story is for the mothers and fathers who have to let go of their children so many times and so many ways.

Leslie Moon is a published children’s writer who has told stories to young and old the better part of her life. She writes many genres but she will always consider herself a children’s writer. Please check back as there will be stories each week to inspire the child in you.

Photograph “School Days” L. Moon copyright 2012