Learn From the Past #americana #microfiction #poetry


White wash will cover

mute it away

hide the reminder

agedness and decay


 an old wizened face

 all knowing eyes

there is life and history

no paint can disguise


more things than saw

behind the facade

a life, a story

so much had gone on


if you try to separate

life from this place

you will miss what has happened

it will be a disgrace


for when it was young

a beauty you’d see

a family, animals

 life-giving trees


Now listen and learn

from vine-covered wood

a tale, antiquity

where history stoically stood

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Conflicting Worlds

This week I sat in my car facing days gone by. Behind me was the future. Our culture has offered us so much. Can the future produce the same? Hope you enjoy yet another of my Americana series.

I stand in a wedge of conflict

between old and familiar

new and cold


I behold a world

slipping away

horses, fields

tractors and barns


I cross the highway of life

my senses are affronted

buildings amblazoned with red circles

Flashing lights distract my sight


Can we turn our backs

on the world of old charm

a world of hay bails and rotting wood

and embrace plastic and metal?

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Photo: Leslie Moon (creative commons Americana series)

The Family Barn (Americana Series)

You’ve seen many seasons- my friend

there are those who came to you for shelter

others came for food

All knew you were faithful

to stand firm, during a storm


you never complained

always held your peace

when families had their squabbles

you endured with quiet strength


children were birthed in your wings

old ones withered – died there too

many a story revolves around you


now when your life

is fading away

some sigh “all things must end”

you smile – a sad shade of gray


others mourn the memories you store

the beauty you possess

will always be remembered

never again will there be

another you!!!

Photo: L Moon (Creative Commons Lic)