Free from Misconceptions #poetry

walk on the beach

would this make me perfect in your eyes

conforming to your image of a box?

though I’m more round than square

I admit for years I tried

I go about altering the way I am

once I’ve changed

there will be a wizard

who wants me to change back again

intelligence isn’t in season

creativity so blase

inarticulate all the rage

through I cannot see the reason

alas I must accept who is me

look you square in the eye

is it the rise of dawn that you see

or just empty shackles???

Today the prompt at Poets United is Acceptance – do you accept yourself as the wonderful person you are???

Memories in a box #haiku #photography


All that remained

she lived in another time

memories in a box


memories in a box

one night set free

no holding back ghosts

reminders not needed

the world could see

The prompt at Verse First (hosted by Kim Nelson) is Ghosts, Spirits, Scares. I hope you feel the presence of a ghost  in my verse today.

We were instructed to write in 31 words or 31 lines in honor of October 31st. I chose using the haiku and tanka to write 31 lines.

Tanka:  is written by one poet and not by two (as is the echo form of the Tan Renga) the syllables count is: 5-7-5-7-7

Creative Conformity #poetry #photography

brick and dead leaves

we strive in our heart’s passion

set the prisoner free

words edged with fire

brush strokes flair in action

notes collide on music’s sea


we survive lacking passion

bend the captive’s mind

tread water in muddied pool

a box an artist’s prison

society’s claw creativity to bind

photography: “Leaf the bricks” ©L. Moon 2012

All in a days opening #oneshotwednesday

“Come Close” – I hear you whisper

“I will challenge

your mind

your imagination”


“Look at me…

I am delight

to your eyes

your senses”


“Touch Me…

I am smooth

fingers long

to feel me”


“Open Me” – I hear you beckon

“I am filled

with anything

and everything”


“Do not Close me!

I am strong


I am Pandora”

Join us for another week of One Shot Wednesday. An opportunity for poets to share their work with others.

PhotographCredit: Creative Commons  and Takomabibelot:

Don’t Know Me ( a poem about the homeless)

I live in the cold
and though my story’s untold
no one wants to know
who I am

Possessions all mine
are all in a line
they easily
fit in a box

I ramble I roam
I scramble no home
mostly to avoid
the cold

I wish you well as you gaze at my shell

indeed warmth I do seek

From the outside

you see

a dirty
old me

On your eyes

you rely
here’s my pact
there is more to me
and that’s a fact