California Dreaming… #photography #poetry #dpchallenge



like a


fluttered about

not wishing  to be caught

flaunting its winged victory

I grasped

at the very edge

holding tight

to yesterday


And what dream do you hold in your hands????

The wordpress photography challenge is “Show us something Dreamy“.

Come Dream with us:

Everything has a Price #water #ag #california #poetry

Comrades come and gather round

we have found water

in your thirsty ground

precious as it is to you

we will sell it back

it’s true

grow your crops

or let them die

what is it to us

if hungry children cry


Pictures speak 1000 words. These pictures are within miles of each other in California’s Central Valley.

You guessed it the beautiful water filled canal supplies water to the corporate farm.

The independent farms (family owned ) are left to go back to scrub brush.

Fracking is not helping the problem!

The Winery #poetry #haiku #harvest


long days of harvest

purple fruit  teases the sun

hands are stained


purple stained

children finger paint the scene

shoes off, wine poured


shoes on, wine poured

oak casks now silent

not too tired to dance

I was reminded of the harvest at a friend’s winery a few years ago. Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem prompt Vineyards

Drink Up California #water #poetry #Californiadrought


Drink up California

I say lift your glass high

and as you do look

the politicians in the eye

mismanaged this drought

this time around

not sure what you’ll find

if you run for high ground

Drink up California

I say lift up your glass

for your  government

needs a kick in the (rhymes with glass)

the newest report

you can read it right here

Surgeon General states

“Drink your urine”  – hear hear

Drink up California

you might want to lower your glass

find a new kind of water

cows* are chewing dead grass


(*There is a new cattle urine collection system that provides “purified water)


News at 11 #poetry #drought #photography

and you

as the sun sets on the occurences of today

are you putting you little ones to bed

contemplating the school year ahead

are you checking your records

to make sure you have enough flu vaccine

reading up on the Ebola scene

are you shaking your head at the

26 page syllabus of first year spanish

as you finish your third ice cream dish

one your knees Thursday night

praying that none of your friends will have the shock

being the latest Christians on Friday’s  chopping block

and how will you deal with the news

what items would you run and take

preparing for  another San Francisco earthquake

you must know that water sources are failing

politics in California turn off the spout

no water for your family to drink out

food and dairy replaced by weeds

feed your family from a box

this fall don’t expect more expect high costs

disease can travel on any transportation

were so filled with misinformation

I turned off our news for the last and final time

I’ll check France 24  overseas at Nine

Valley water in a good year
Valley water in a good year





Never in a Straight Line #poem #dpchallenge #photography

Water flows
circuitous route off mountains
it was a warm winter
the river never runs in a straight line
feelings flow
never making any sense
two hearts spring
the river never runs in a straight line
passion flows
dawn collides with day
heat beads off summer skin
the river never runs in a straight line
life flows
making confusing rules
fall of three streams
the river never runs in a straight line


Today’s prompt at DP photography challenge is Zigzag.

What zigzags in your life???

Racing Dawn #tourdefrance #cycling #poetry

july2dawn 015


warming up before I pull

my steady friend

a green Lemonde Bikeoff the truck bed

cinching my helmet


rolling my neck

shoulders anticipating miles of strain

my shoes becoming one with my vehicle

click, click

slow motion forward

adjusting gears from last ride

muscles groaning over yesterday

smile, as I push forward

knowing there is a mountain ahead of me

there is little I can see

I aim toward a wall of fog

all alone except for cattle greetings

pull, push, pull, push

the only sound I hear

is my cadence of breathing

ha, ha, hu, hu

ha, ha, hu, hu

oak tree my friend on the descent

not so welcome as I climb

passing the tree line

when did the fog dissipate?

I don’t remember

Fire danger sign at high alert today

the thought of fire makes me thirsty

gulp, gulp

muscles start lactic acid build up

squeeze, squeeze

reach behind for my liquid protein

squirt, squirt

one moment to take a long breath

check brakes

another inhale preparing for the rush

the welcome descent

racing the wind

willing my 23 mm tires to hug the hill

there are moments I fly


it seems minutes since I left the summit

and when I hear

the “welcome back to earth

blown out of warm nostrils

they go back to gossiping

about life in the fields

as the sun prepares

to meet the day

july2 dawn2015


The photographs are taken ( Sierra Madre) in the area I used to start my cycling morning (promptly at 5am to beat the 110 degree days) Sometimes there would be other cyclists, sometimes just the cattle. Cyclists of all levels train on these mountains.

In honor of the (spirit of cycling) Tour de France, the prompt for midweek motif is La Tour de France.

Screen shot 2012-06-18 at 23.13.35




Things of the Past #agriculture #dpchallenge #drought


oiled plows

turned the ground

anticipating harvest

 Once full of life

wheat fields clapped their hands

cattle gossiped in the stalls

tractors slowed traffic

we rose before the sun

greeting the day’s challenge

rusty hinges no longer squeak

children no longer milk cows

our food is imported


The prompt for the daily post photo challenge is Relic.


I used to look upon rusty, dilapidated farms as romantic. I anticipated the change of new metal barns and air-conditioned John Deere tractors. While I lived in the agricultural center of California, I never anticipated the return of the land to desert where nothing  grows and a lye/ salt makes it impossible to grow anything but sage brush.  There is an abundance of uncultivated sagebrush land. The United States has been reliant for up to 90 percent  produce (from California) including cotton, citrus, dairy, fruit, vegetables, nuts, grapes…). The land (even with water) cannot be cultivated in a season (or a year.)

Have you noticed where your produce is coming from???

I have no qualms about buying produce from other countries except for the lack of FDA regulation on amount and type of pesticides being utilized.

Please enjoy the Relics produced by others: