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The Middle of Life #poetry #photography

In the middle of the chaos

Do you close your eyes and aim

Drown out the sounds

Flee life’s futile game?

In the middle of today

can you open to a world

where chaos can be beauty

tho the notion seems absurd

In the middle of  senselessness

can you view another path

where peace and order

have replaced anger and wrath

open up your eyes

listen for what is there

see beauty

heart’s compass set to care

For those of you who are so gracious to read my work on a regular basis please excuse my absence. Life takes many turns my life turned and I found myself being admitted to the hospital. Still trying to find the problem and the solution.

All of you are appreciated!!!

In the midst of life’s difficulties there IS beauty…

Photograph “My Mistake” copywrite L. Moon 2012