Beneath the Tree #4 #gifts #poor #poetry

This year I get to play Santa

gifts come in and up the stairs

our small organization has year round elves

A craft store donates wrapping paper

somehow the day before Christmas

several families still had a need

and presents there were extra

wrapping needed with some speed

this part is the fun part

gathering with my best friends

they had plenty of their own

“who needs to go to bed?”

and so we wrapped til dawn’s light

like Santa and his elves

now we do the deliveries

little thinking of ourselves

to hear the squeals of children

presents, foods brings them delight

I catch the look in adult eyes

their holiday now is bright

I tuck away the memories

a smile behind each one

and hug the spirit of Christmas

“God Bless us Everyone”

christmas carol
Christmas Carol book cover


Charles Dickens apparently saw the disparity between the poor and the rich.  “A Christmas Carol” speaks to the spirit of giving. There is much joy in seeing the joy in a child’s eye when they see goodness and kindness wrapped in a bow.

I guess I’m on a 12 days of Christmas role writing about the stuff that you’ll rarely see staged on the front page of the Newspaper. I’ve been in the “poor recipient” category and I’ve been the person who gets to bring the gifts to the family in “need.” Each of these “stories” are true with the hope that this Spirit of Christmas that Dickens talked about will prevail!

A Tale of Two… #poetry #Dickens #history #Idesofmarch



where people got caught

in the crossroads

hoping for more

losing their heads


one man,  promising future

another a forgettable past

woman’s cherishable heart

loved by both


one bent on revolution

another tottering and old

people were foolish

some were quite bold


had they listened

would there have been

an outcome less bloody

showing favor to all men?

A Tale of Two Cities a classic by Charles Dickens is by far one of my favorite  novels.  Dickens had a way of tearing away the layers of a person and revealing the true character. I wonder what Dickens could peel away from the characters driving our present society; would there be any goodness or only avarice and self-seeking beneath the layers of today’s leaders?

A Thought for the Ides of March:  If men listened to the foretelling of their future (as in Caesar) might they take the time to right some of the wrongs they have put in motion?

Picture from A Guillotine Headquarters

What the Dickens? (#poetry picture prompt)

Thanks to Bookstains for the “What the Dickens?” poetry challenge. I read an assortment of my favorite Dickens each year. My favorite would have to be “The Tale of Two Cities” followed by “Great Expectations” hmm I think”A Christmas Carol” …(don’t get me going)

Of hardship, suffering

How do you know

the plight to those

so very low?


Your words


man and his fate

you aptly plot

the gangliest trait


“These are but shadows

of  things that have been”

mastery in words

though of the dead


Fraught in his day

had such pity

shows the  delights

of many a city