So close yet … (Flash Fiction 55 )

So close…

like a gentle whisper


it seems

a chasm away



as a continent


space nor time

cannot divide



to feel the pounding

in your chest


unable to give

breath of life


far away…

as forever


to be mine

day you slipped away

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Photo: Thanks  for “Ausable Chasm” by Dougtone

Too Close (microfiction in 160 characters)

Reflection of Reverie

As you turn into me, don’t you see?

We are so close. Too close.

You brush against my skin.

I  feel the splash of your wake.

Any closer and our hulls will collide…


Once we were tacking a sailboat in the San Francisco Bay. We came so close to a tanker we almost kissed.

That’s something that no sailor wants to do.

My friend Monkey Man hosts this microfiction in 160 characters each Sunday. Join us for a writing challenge and great stories.

Love this reflection of 44 foot boat Reverie thanks K Tyler Conk


Whisper (Thursday Poets Rally)

Listen darling

only for you

words I’m saying

verifiably true


knowing you’re close

makes my heart soar

Blue eyes twinkle

when you look  to my soul


I love best

next to your ear

hint of a whisper

to the one I hold dear


and he believes her…


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