Granules of Truth #poetry #photography


pen scratches agaisnt grit

drop of blood caresses

sand paper roughness

of your words

turning like a corkscrew

 my mind in confusion

used to talk straight lines

 your eyes would sparkle

my hands are empty

the missing link on your wrist

blood coagulates

my pen seeks softer media





Tears for Crimea #ukraine #poetry


They fall against the pane of my heart

rattling my soul

where are they

those children I taught?

they young women  and men

my adopted grand son

what questions are unanswered

we have little concern for life they spend

each of you beautiful to me

talented, artistic, musical

full of hope

where is the land on the Black Sea?

are your dreams under the treads of a tank?

“God, please be with these people

who  have been dangled

society’s weak thread”

MapCrimeaThere’s so much being said about Crimea and Ukraine. I’ve lived with the people and know  they have suffered much. If Ukraine wanted to be part of Russia it would be. These people are  once again being placed  in a political meat grinder.

The map of Crimea is from the Ukraine Travel Advisor which shows some beautiful travel spots.