Como se dice? #dpchallenge #poetry #children

child's hand


How do you say… “shoe”?


naturally we both point at our feet

under the table

the four-year old and me


How do you say… “smile”?


the white teeth in upturned lips

fill the boy’s small face

a giggle slips


¿Como se dice… “hug”?


little arms reach up

wrap around my neck

as I bend in half


How do you say…It’s been a bit too long?

since I’ve felt little boy hugs

akin to puppy dog tails

 wagging with happy energy


¿Como se dice… “content”?

Estar Contento

blue-gray eyes radiate a glow

knowing that one moment spent with a child

causes my invisible tail to wag

there’s really no translation

for that!

The DP writing Challenge today is Back to Life. What revives you after a hard week, long flight, tough situation???

A big abrazo to Gideon for his smiles

Photography: Moondust Designs  ~ 2013

Beauty in Life #photography #poetry

Be content in the beauty in your life whether you are a swan or not

Effortless beauty in each movement

gliding with barely a ripple

content as graceful creatures

they float life’s stream as one

he gallantly leads the way

too late to change course

he withers and falls off his perch

he can no longer keep afloat

“catch me for I cannot swim”

he cannot for he realizes they never were swans

they rest content in their dried blossom state

Photograph “Swan Orchids”  copyright L. Moon 9/2012